Using the New Horizons Style Guide

This set of pages is designed to show examples of how the built-in page layouts, module containers, classes and styles can be used to format the content you create on the website. It is broken down into several different sections:

Page Layout Skins

This section allows you to see visual representations of the various page layout "skins" available to layout your content on the page. See examples on this page.

Please note that you can also create your own columns or tables for layout within the content panes of the skins using Bootstrap rows and columns.

Module Containers

You can update the container of each module with different styled headings. Visit this page for examples.

Text Formatting

The website was designed with many built-in classes to allow you to format and emphasize specific paragraphs, testimonials or headings, You can also adjust the alignment of text and images. Visit this page for examples.


In additions to normal ordered and unordered lists, there are classes available for you to style your lists consistently using circled numbers and checkmarks. See examples on this page.


Make your links stand out by turning them into clickable buttons. Visit this page for examples.


There is an array of font-character based icons that can be incorporated into your content without adding any images. See examples of the many options on this page.


There are different styling available for tables on your web site. See examples of the options on this page.


See how to add a banner to your site and how to make it responsive, or drop off on mobile devices.